Tatterfly Wild Gardens

Garden Design

Tatterfly Wild Gardens provides bespoke garden design service. Focusing on natural design creating wildlife friendly gardens, we can design your whole garden or just a single bed, a new pond or a wildflower meadow.

Working alongside well know local landscapers, tree surgeons and plant nurseries we can provide the whole service from designs and planting plans to the finished garden.

Services we can provide include:

  • Advice and consultation
  • Two levels of design option; preliminary design (a basic hand drawn watercolour design including shape of new bed/pond etc with planting plan and landscaping detail). Full design (fully measured up, hand drawn watercolour design including exact placing and numbering of plants and landscaping features)
  • Wildflower meadow advice and planting
  • Wildlife pond construction and planting
  • Orchard advice and planting
  • Forest garden advice and planting
  • Wildlife friendly perennial borders
  • Cutting garden advice, construction and planting
  • Vegetable garden advice, construction and planting

Stephanie has a degree in conservation biology, is RHS qualified and will work alongside you and landscapers or exisiting gardeners to create the wildlife garden you want, with flexible design options, recommended landscapers and experience both in horticulture and conservation, she can help you to create a wildlife haven on your doorstep.

Contact Stephanie on 07732119058 / 01508494117 / stephanie@tatterfly.co.uk for more details or to book a free initial consultation.