At Tatterfly Wild Flowers, we use a combination of field grown native wildflowers and garden annuals and perennials. Our wildflowers are grown as pollen and nectar for wildlife across the 500 acres at High Ash Farm, Caistor St Edmund, the largest area of farm land grown for conservation in Norfolk, so there's plenty for the bees and for us!

Garden annuals and perennials are grown in our 2 acre cutting garden plot, without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers. This combination means we can bring you the best of nature and the garden in one bunch.

Stephanie started out in conservation, working for the Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, and then finding a niche in the market for creating wildlife gardens for clients in Norfolk and Suffolk, using skills learned working on nature reserves with Tatterfly Wild Gardens.

Now branching out into cut flowers, a growing British industry due to the demand for more local grown produce. Most flowers (up to 90%) in the UK have been imported from abroad, such as roses from Kenya, where often working conditions and environmental standards are low, with high use of pesticides and preservatives. 

By adding to the growing British flower market we hope to provide, beautiful, natural flowers for any occasion however big or small, where our growing methods enhance the natural environment.